Learning Contract
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Learning Contract
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The learning contract is an important part of any self directed learning experience.  A contract will be written by the student, revised in conjunction with the professor, and used to determine overall course performance.  The contract will be the result of a self needs assessment and will include learning outcomes, resources and strategies, evidence of accomplishment of objectives, and how the evidence will be evaluated.  The contract will follow the format established by the University of Colorado at Denver College Teaching Forum.

6 Steps to Complete the Learning Contract:

Read, "Learning Contracts: A Web-based Workshop."
Post to the "a:wk 1,2: Article on LC " (LC=Learning Contracts) discussion 
Complete the Learning Contracts Workshop.
a. Go to http://www.cudenver.edu/collegeforum/
If AND ONLY IF this does not work use the copy that is on our website. (this copy will disappear next week)
b. Create your own login account by completing the user name and password blanks and then submitting.
c. When you get to the main menu choose "Workshops," then choose "Using Learning Contracts."
d. Work through the 8 steps of creating a learning contract.
e. You will be completing a contract that follows this format for ITED 8300.  At the completion of the workshop you may complete the blanks online and a copy of your contract will be emailed to you.  It is NOT, however, necessary to complete the form since you will be submitting a contract to me also.
See Dr. Schmertzing's notes on how the workshop model relates to the contract you will write.
Create a learning contract for this course that follows the format of the learning contract that was modeled in the workshop.
Email Dr. Schmertzing your "Learning Contracts" as an attachment.